Being alone

Once I was walking alone in the rain,
Carrying my umbrella and a sweet pain,
I was completely lost in the clouds of my thoughts,
Remembering my points of success and all my flaws.
Suddenly I saw a girl getting wet in the rains,
Her clothes were entirely filled with mudstains,
She was like a bird but of a different feather,
And we traced a long way walking together.
The rain stopped and I removed my umbrella,
I again found myself alone with no Cinderella,
I smiled and became sure that it was my delusion,
My own loneliness has served me this illusion.
I stopped for a while and took a look at the nature,
Observing every flower and every creature,
A single solitary flower is as beautiful alone,
Garden is pleasurable but each grows on it's own.
That day a new Dawn was there in my life,
I was happy then and not depressed,
I knew then my opinions would not be suppressed,
My enemies would be forced to apologise,
My existence on Earth would resemble a true paradise,
It may happen that I will die one day,
But forever my soul will survive.........

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