Being angry and apart

I miss you when we are apart so terribly much.
If I was a broken leg you'd of course be my crutch.
It's the way that you so easily dry away my tears.
Being wrapped in your strong arms washes away my biggest fears.
Your rough , manly hands somehow seem so sensual to me.
If love ever had a definition, then this is what it would be.
You can make me experience so much passion and lust.
For my heart to continue to beat, your love is a must.
Just when i began to believe that love wasnt real.
You gently cradled my heart, and it began to feel.
My body opened up to you just like a flower.
I felt as if i were suddenly on top of the tallest tower.
I have never felt a love so strong, and easy to endure.
Together, our love is so beautiful, unique, and pure.
For all this, i thank you from every inch of my heart.
And i hope this day will be the last day we will spend apart.

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This Poems Story

This was written after the first argument that i had with my fiance.