Being Forced to Grow Up

I'm not downing our system, each system needs work
I just want to tell my story, let you hear the cry of a bandaged girl
Who's full of high-reaching depression
Stab marks that cover more skin than skin itself
She wasn't born this way nor asked to become whipped by the world
That was supposed to be full of heroes and people set out to help her
Becoming this way by trusting systems,
Rules that were supposed to be there for her
Blood stains the garments she wore to the altar
That only God made clean, because no one else understands!
This happens to a wounded girl, bruised and battered by parents
Gashes from hurtful words, a temper that caused limps and sore spots
Dagger marks in her brain from memories of kicks and hits and yells
Lost confidence
Due to being told she can't achieve, all she's done wrong,
What she isn't, affecting how she acts while others just don't get it
A word of any sorts could cause a series of meant to hurt hits
An out of place explanation, causing non-helping kicks
A missed dissed understanding because never allowed to think!
Locked away vocabulary of things she was never allowed to say,
Even to this day she doesn't know what was worse
Physical violence damages both the outside and her mind psychotically
Constant verbal put-downs that damaged her way to love, feel or trust
As she bleeds she hears them say everything she doesn't want to hear
She has heard it all before, through every "exit" door
"There is nothing we can do," "there just isn't enough evidence,"
"Isn't enough proof," "requirements are this, that and these,"
But what would you do if it were happening to you?
All she ever asked for was help!
She has no regrets; God has a plan, holding her up, as He always has!

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I have wanted to be an author since kindergarten. My dream is to be published and write full-time as my career. I'm engaged to Tim Kelly and have an outstanding and beautiful sister who goes by Danielle. Thank you to my mother for helping me with this and to Mrs. Kelly for listening. My favorite writers are Rick Warren, Gordon Korman, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and many authors of the Bible. I like to go by Kaitlyn E. Violette and various other things. Peace of Christ!