Being Free

I used to be the type of guy,
That was scared of taking flight,
Afraid to open up my wings
when the time was right
And despite the yearning in my heart
And searing urge to soar
I always thought that staying put
was worth the hurting in my core
I used to guess in going free,
I’d leave my life behind,
That slowly I’d forget my life
And not get to press rewind
But then I had to realize something,
When I dropped my antics and began to soar,
The weight I had once carried,
Came crashing to the floor,
It taught my soul that life,
Isn’t meant to stay the same,
It spends a while idle,
then calls for a new claim,
You don’t have to resist growth,
Because it’s the most important thing,
You don’t have to stay in one place,
When you're ready for what it may bring,
Sometimes the thing you're waiting for,
You shouldn’t need to fear,
Because maybe the very thing you're stalling on,
You should be holding dear.

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