Being Homeless

You can see homeless people whether it be day or night
But homeless people on the streets somehow is just not right
Are some of them mental patients that were simply just let go
For society to deal with I guess we'll never know

Did they gamble all their earnings or lose it all in stocks
Now you see them everywhere on the sidewalk, streets or in a box
There has to be a reason why these homeless people are there
I guess we'll never know the answer because no one seems to care

Homeless people ask for money but are quickly shooed away
They just want something to eat but the hunger seems to stay
They're not allowed to go in stores to just warm up their hands
Even though it's freezing outside they know that they've been banned

Does anyone know these people or anything of their past
But when it comes to sympathy the homeless come in last
Does anyone care about these people or maybe what they had
They may have been a veteran, or a sister or a dad

Their skin is dry and wrinkled, even the younger ones look old
But I guess that's what happens when you're exposed to freezing cold
So the next time you take a walk and pass the homeless by
Just remember that you too could be homeless in the blinking of an eye

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