Being in Love

Being in love is like being a surfer on the biggest wave on your career.
It's scary at first,
not knowing if you're ready for it.
But once you're in it,
it is a high that no drug could ever match.
It seems like it could never end.
But your legs start to shake
and you start to doubt your ability to keep going.
And before you know it,
it's over.

Being in love is like sitting in the front row of a magic show.
You sit there,
wondering how someone could possibly be doing all of the things they're doing.
How someone could love you despite all of your flaws...
How someone could love you and all of your flaws.
Eventually, you realize it was all a trick.
It was just pretend.

My love is too indescribable for metaphors.
No love story could ever come close to mine...
Or at least that's how it feels.
But the crazy thing about being in love is looking back on the days
it seemed too perfect to ever end.

Heartbreak is underrated.
You learn a lot about the people around you-
your friends, your family...
But you learn even more about yourself.
You learn that you are strong.
That there is nothing- no amount of pain- that you can't survive.
That no matter how often your body tells you that you're weak, and broken, and unlovable...
you're not.
Being in love again is a chance to heal.

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