Being Lost

If you can't show me the way then forgive me for
being lost but I have to find the
way or I will lose it all you have to
crawl before you walk and walk before
you run by any means keep moving even
when you don't have the strength to
continue on take baby steps and a
light jog now you might fall but
you got to find that thing inside
of you that makes you keep going
on and get up on your feet again
you get tired but you got to hold
back your tears and be a man to do
what you have to do get it done then
look back and sit back and honor
yourself for accomplishments that
you never thought you would see at
the end of the day or the week
sometimes I fall asleep and dream
of what I could be wake up to the
same shit just a different day month
and a week I think I get too weak in
the streets but I got something special
i could hear peoples beats if I wanted to
and see my future ahead of me

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