Being Me

Being Me
By: Abria Jones

As you can see
It’s kind of hard being me
Walking around in these street
Hearing people asking me
“What I do?” and “Who know me?”
Can’t walk anywhere, without getting looked at
Is it because of my pink weave?
Or how I have a tattoo arm sleeve?
Maybe because my face say “I’m mean”
But hey .?
This life.
Life is what we create And do
Life can judge you; just from the tip of you shoe
Life can’t define me
Life can’t create me
Being me; The color I am
Life can do all the things, you say they can’t
Can I not wear something that's not brand?
Can I not say anything, without it getting out of hand?
Just cause she white, I can’t be a fan?
If I don't talk in slang, i'm consider lame
If I talk proper, i'm consider white.
But guess what
It's life
Life is something I have to fight

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