being on purpose

being on purpose
think about it.
who you are
the radiant spark of perfect life
is effortless.
yet. that is your purpose.
you ask what is your purpose,
but the fact that you can ask such a phrase
encapsulates your purpose.
because you are;
you are worthy.
relax into this notion.
be with it.
meditate upon it.
breathe into it
and watch your life change.
open up,
love yourself,
know yourself.
don't search your entire life
for something you already have...
you are your purpose.
let this truth rise within.

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This Poems Story

My writing process consists of looking up and listening and then writing what I hear. I respect the flow of communication within and allow my poetry to emerge from a safe space and in its raw form. My desire to create a safe space for my soul is found within the words of my poems! When I was diagnosed and treated for sarcoma cancer in 2014, my soul attacked my body for immediate action. I weeped. I questioned everything. I looked above and paused. Pressing pause on my life opened up a door inside. the door to my soul.