Being Overweight

As I stare in the mirror
As it taunts at me
Showing me where everything is out of place
My stomach is fat
Oh how I wish it was flat
And look at those thunder thighs
Who likes that
As I step on the scales
I am heartbroken at the numbers that I see
Whatever i eat seems to make me gain weight
I have those craving that get to me everytime
Losing weight seems to be inpossible
If I don't lose weight I could die
Lord help me please
I can't do this alone
Take this craving of food away from me
I am an addict
This is the worse kind of addition because I need to
But I must learn to eat the right type of food
But the temptation is too great
I hpoe i can be cured from this addiction
I want to eat to live not live to eat

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