Being With You

When I am with you I feel wonderful,
it is like being on a cloud or being on a roller coaster.
You are the most wonderful person I know.
I feel like are heart bats are one, that we complete one another.
Now that you're here nothings wrong, I am not alone.
You have been with me through everything,
through the bad and the good.
I don't know what I would do without you.
You took my heart and won't give it back;
but the thing is I don't want you to.
I want you to have my heart forever,
so I know that you are apart of me.
"You make heart beat faster and slower at the same time",
and I hope that I do the same thing to yours.
When I am with you, you make me smile more than anyone has.
If it wasn't for you there would be no purpose for me to be living.
If I didn't have you I would be nothing.
When we first met, "You had me at hello".

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