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Commitment, Honor, and Sacrifice,
are reality's tools throughout life.
Choices used for Family, Friends,
Health, and Religion; causing strife.

Blinders we put on to plow are rows.
Ever deeper ruts, more rows to hoe.
Forks in our roads, choices we make.
Am I right? Or is this another mistake?

It makes each of us, who we are.
Our actions forge our own jail bars.
It's a balancing act on razor blades.
Beliefs will haunt us through our days.

These are the causes of snowballing hate.
Our world divided, our courses are our fate.
Common ground lost forever in life's splatter.
In the end, will my deeds & beliefs matter?

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    Just a poem about how my PTSD affects me.because of my black & white beliefs (no grey's)I'm working through it...and it's harder to fix than my Lyphomia!