Dancing never felt so medicating
So purposeful, seduction done most beautifully
Fairer, submission; freedom to these souls
For if only time would have froze
Or perhaps the souls were to flee
Could harmony persevere
Uneducated, two hearts acting from fear
Naturally, lass it be alternate, love
Indulging dwelling in both
Relying purely on charitable tribute from the universe
Rather too disciplined for tenderness delight
Minds intentions irrational state
Toxins and substances
No havoc manifests beautiful fate, unity formed
Soul to soul Mind to mind heart to heart
Breath to breath thought to thought hand in hand
Entwined. As one.
Seduced in this dance of harmony
Allowed my soul to be free
My heart to skip a beat
My mind to ease
Love to increase
Unfavorably inevitable time
In quantities succumb to what you left behind
Aftermath I dare not be
Harsh to my dearest beloved
Befriending dear time
My soul will seek you and yours will find mine

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