The rage just fills me up inside,
I've tried so hard, but I've failed to hide.
"Love will make you blind." I had sneered.
You shook your head, trying to get near.

"I'm not blind, and I'm not crazy
I only see you as amazing.
You're my baby girl, and I love you,
Why can't you believe the truth?"

"Once upon a time I did believe.
But now, as you can see,
He had broke my heart
I had to go back to the start.

He didn't really love me,
Why can't you see?
I opened up to him,
And he used me just to benefit him.

I was just an experiment...
His one test subject to torment.
Then he dropped me like a rag doll,
Cause that's what I was after all."

I felt the tears fill my eyes,
I fell to my knees and started to cry.
You put your arm around my shoulder.
"Now it's all over.

I'm not going to leave you alone.
You're the best person I've ever known.
I won't find anyone better than you,
Nobody else can replace you."

You kissed me softly and pulled me close.
Gripping me tight, never letting go.
I opened my eyes and started to see.
So just then, I let myself believe.


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