This is dedicated to: Joseph Wayne Moore Jr. i will always love you.

It was dreary,dark,lonley,and cold,
I had no one in this world to hold.
Then you came into my life,
Reality hit me like a knife.
All the pain I had been trying to hide,
Came washing over me like high tide.
I had been in that dark place for so long,
I had lost the beat to my own song.
You tried and tried to make me see,
That I was perfect just being me.
Finally I came around,
And fell so hard for you I hit the ground.
You pulled me out of that cold dark hole,
And opened the pathway to my soul.
My heart felt this feeling deep down inside,
Instinct tells me to run and hide.
But something about you made me smile,
Something i hadn't done in quite a while.
So slowly i let you close to my heart,
Protecting it from being torn apart.
It has happened to many times in the past,
To give it my all and end up last.
You said you wont hurt me or never make me sad,
To make sure im happy and never feel bad.
I was scared because ive heard that time and again,
You all say the same thing I guess cause your men.
So i kept trying to push you away,
But you never gave up and always knew what to say.
Again I felt that feeling inside,
But this time i didnt want to run and hide.
I gave you my all body and soul now i have no words for this feeling Ive had,
Its the exact opposite of sad or bad.
You made me feel something i had thought to be dead,
Something i thought people made up in there head.
But now I know that love is real,
Because you have shown me how that feels.

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Meeting the love of my life