Believe In… Me

Look a little closer at the girl in the hallway.
Just another freshman, right?
I am silent, yet vocal on the important issues
Such as bullying, love, and gay rights.
My ADHD is a curse that still haunts me
Especially when I am judged by the actions of my past.
I hate seeing someone alone and hurt, though that's hypocritical.
But a walk under the stars has made everything calmer.
I escape into swimming, reading, and music,
While writing allows my creativity to shine.
Catch the ball, hear the cheers,
Soccer brings gold to my ears.
Then hold the gold on my shoulder
Marching with my tuba makes me bolder.
Winnie the Pooh is my closest friend.
When I'm vulnerable and scared, he keeps the spiders away.
Every day I try to be happy and
Make a difference in someone's life.
Occasionally I will be swayed, but
I live outside of society's predetermined boxes.
It gets lonely out there, so smile and talk,
Or just invite as equals.
I will take your hand and we will sail the next cruise.
Believe in this truth I have told,
And believe in me.

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