Hope is a dancing diamond,
rushing throughout your distress like a nurse,
aiding your bleeding and aching, pain-striking wound.
As your heart pulses, and your head starts to ignite fire.
Hope, trust, and faith are the gates
Who do you think created the heavens and Earth?
The bright blue sky with cotton-ball clouds,
and a burning bright sun when we shall be awake.
A dark navy blue sky and a small crescent moon when we shall sleep.
Nature is a system created by none other than the Lord.
Faith in the 'Oh so loving Lord,'
allowed you to move with all of life's most challenging notes,
and flow with the rhythm,
with the faith that 'God the Almighty' would help you.
Through all of the howling winds and furious tornadoes
blowing you off the course you thought was yours,
with your faith keeping you in place,
and keeping the fire going,
being the only element keeping you warm
through the horrible blizzards and unforgiving northern winds.
Secret: That little forgiving fire keeping you warm
was none other than the Lord.
The Lord puts you in the center of a cold cement maze called life,
leaving you to find your way through using only what the 'almighty,
self-sustaining God' provided you with.
Man was created weak, we need the Lord so much,
and realize it so little.

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