I Guess I’m that girl who talks too much well sorry for speaking my mind even though we try you tend to keep it all inside. We tend to keep secrets we tend to lie we keep to our selves and I always wondered why what is a god what is a heaven what are all these questions I’m so confused wanna scream at the top of my lungs gotta breath for a minute take a moment to see that he is with me see he moves mountains he is my rock he’s the sun and shows you the way if your lost he is our motion he’s our anger our pain our everything Jesus died for us and sacrificed once more and rose up again he lives in us he is our god there are the Holy Spirit as one can see They are part of you and they are a part of me They sit on the throne to show love and grace protect us from evil without a trace our Choices was given our own free will what are Life made plan either good or bad We have made a promise to stand and stay i’ll say it once more I won’t say it again Who are you who am I I am someone he saved A proud angel of God‘s grace his daughter upon his name

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Believing in gods grace that he will provide he is our god our father and our everything