Belizean Summer

Oh, how I love that golden sun,
surrounding me in warmth.
I watch as it reflects the joy
that in my soul sits still.
Its beauty leaks into my heart,
As inside the rustling brush I hear,
the cicadas song play on repeat.
I always want to sing along,
but cannot find the tune.
I listen intently as the glistening water
steals my thoughts away.
My gaze is lost inside the rippling stream.
I'm drawn from my safety of my seat
on the lush green grass, down the slippery bank.
My feet sink in the sandy shore,
and are buried with my thoughts.
Slowly my mind drifts with the sun,
as it sinks behind the trees
to meet the welcoming horizon.
There as the sun is stolen away by night,
the stars emerge to illuminate the sky.
The moon breaks through the trees
to, through the shadows, guide my path.
He is the sun, warming my soul,
the stars illuminating my darkness,
and the moon guiding my hidden path.

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