Beseeching Clemency

I can hardly recall the need for my existence.
An addition to a whole is all I seem to be.
I look aside myself to discover no helping hands,
As I take a forceful plunge into the defilement of life.

I seek the comfort of those I ought to call friends.
The ones I have valiantly fought to defend.
The ones I bequeathed my all to, unselfishly.
In the bad days, seem to all vanish effortlessly.

Subjugated to countless misfortunes, at such a young age.
Rejected by my maker, by love itself, and now by all.
I cry out to the one holding my faith, in hope of benevolence.
Reminding Him that a solitary life is as good as none at all.

I have gone weary of my burdens, as their weight shatter my heart.
Scattered pieces of an unfulfilled life are now all I have left.
The depth of the hole within my soul can no longer be restored.
The ground, in which I lay, refuses me in fear of being desecrated.

All that once was mine, now resiliently taken from me.
The sword of Damocles upon my head lightly suspended,
Foretelling the gruesome perils that have yet to come.
The journey has merely birthed and I am already vanquished.

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