Best Day Ever

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
7:35, almost late for work.

Hair is a complete mess,
No time to fix it now.

Got in the car and forgot my coffee,
Its fine ill pick one up on the way.

Waited in line at coffee shop for 15 minutes,
So they could tell me they only take cash.

Run to ATM down the street,
Sign posted “out of order”.

Skip the coffee you can just make it yourself,
That is if you’re not fired for being late.

Goes through red light and hopes to not get pulled over,
Officer saw it and asks for my license and registration.

8:15, definitely late for work,
I’m now sprinting at full speed to the door.

Panting heavily I apologize to my boss for being late,
Only for her to tell me that it’s my day off.

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