Best Friend

I've know you
Since we were kids
I always liked you
And I didn't know if you did

You were my best friend
Through all those years
We share our feelings
We share our fears

Every waking moment
I became closer to you
But you were freaked out
When I said I liked you

Did I misjudge the situation
All of my life
Did I make the wrong move
Or did I do it right

Your reaction
Left things unclear
Did you want me to go
Or did you want me to stay here

Did our years as friends
Mean anything at all
Or did me expressing myself
Make us hit a wall

Did I scare you
Or hurt you
Did I make you feel uncomfortable
What did I do

Did I surprise you
And catch you off guard
Did I act appropriately
Or take it to far

I wish I new the answers
To these questions
But I think I lost you that day
I lost my best friend

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about me telling my best friend that I like them