Best Friend

Best Friend
For Charlotte
By Jehann El-Bisi c.2016

A soft voice woke me,
"C'mon, get up"
She whispered, insistently.
My resistant thoughts:
"Why climb from a downy nest?
A pillow in heaven?
And sweet feathery dreams?"
We tiptoe,
Taking our first chilly steps,
to the bathroom,
Tiles set,
Like a chessboard,
Black and white games,
the stage floor,
Of childhood's longest tubs,
Wishes are bubbles...

Sliding on our jeans,
We Stop and stoke the wood stove,
In the heart of the house,
out the glass paned door,
Into winter's clean breath...
Greeted by muted neighing,
and nickers,
And steam...
Billowing from soft noses,
Of hungry horses...
Like clouds that form,
from ocean storms...
saddled up,
We rode into dawn,
Each hoof
striking the ground,
Like a skilled artisan,
Hammering out
An enduring design,
On snowy trails,
With promises
we take with us,
Into the sanctuary of time,
An enduring gift,
only the two of us,
Can open,
in adulthood.

Karma drew it's circle,
Around the hearts
Of two friends...

overlooking boughs,

Of Protective Pines,
Branches out-stretched
Reaching for the Sun,
Speaking movement,
No words-
These friends,
found one another,
In the wind,
Galloping through ages,
Nothing lost,
Lessons from the longest days,
Giving them a glimpse
Of love,
And sweet reprieves,
during life,
and her cruel tests.

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