Best Friends

We've been through so much together,
In so little time we've shared.
Making many memories every day,
Thinking about losing you makes me scared.
Our story will continue to grow,
Every single day.
I could never express enough,
How much I care about you by the way.
I'll be there,
When you feel lonely and frightened.
Or when you just need someone there,
I'll make you feel heightened.
Words could never explain,
How important you are to me.
Feeling the same,
You're my best friend says she.
We make each other laugh so hard we cry,
Having fun makes time fly by.
The friendship we share is so hard to find,
Thank you so much, you are so kind.
We feel each other's pain when we are hurt,
We are so much alike, it's true.
I want to stay friends forever,
Because I know I will always have you.

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