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Best Friends Forever and Ever

We met when we were small,
not very tall.
Pre-K we were in we would play as though we were kin.
All we would do was play with our games.
Me and Him Best Friends Forever

Eventually we would grow though very slow.
throughout the years there were many tears.
But he was always there to help me through my fears.
He was always nearby.
Me and him Best Friends Forever and Ever.

Just third grade when he said goodnight.
Stopped talking to me alright.
He left me in the dust.
He left me behind.
I didn't know how to share he was always mine.
Wasn't it still me and him Best Friend Forever and Ever.

No longer talked I just stared.
Him acting as though I wasn't there.
I ask myself what I had done wrong why doesn't he care.
I guess I'll never know he moved somewhere.
I get know what I couldn't see before.
There was no more me and him.
We were no longer Best Friends Forever and Ever.

I was blind and couldn't see.
I didn't need him he needed me.
Just wait for him to see.
I am me I can be whoever I want to be.
Let him be sad.
Let him be ashamed.
For he will never again find a friend as good as me.
I have grown older and wiser and can now see.
There is no such thing Best Friends Forever and Ever.
There was only me.

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    This is a true story when I was little, I had a best friend we would play every day. When we got older, I would talk to him, but he wouldn\'t listen. I guess I was too dense to see he didn\'t want to be friends anymore. It hurt we had been friends for years I wanted to know what I did but he moved before I could. Almost to high school I know that a real friend would never leave you ever.