Best of times my God

Look now at our children there world is all new. The tech days are here no gray sky all blue. There eyes don’t see like we saw back then. This old world has changed again and again all have memories of times that we felt. No matter what kind of hand we were dealt. There is one thing here. I must clear my mind. We all lived together on at one point and time. No matter what you believe or where you are from. No matter what your color is or the bad things you done. I’m now going to tell you something that I know. It’s my God who loves you more than you know. My God is the blue sky the river the pretty winter new snow the mountains so high the valleys so low. My God is the warmth of the sun the chill the wind. the loud sound of thunder again and again. The rain hitting tin on a wet rainy night. The moon in the night sky so clear so bright. The smell of spring time The song bird that sings the butterfly that flys by on delicate-wings. the new born the old all the stars in the sky that is who God is no doubt in my mind. Everything that is and will ever be that is my God who’s always near me. Jsuha 12/06/17

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