Those words puts me in a ‘friendship’ or ‘danger’.
I met her in the 7th class.
Innocent looking girl but a blast.
So, I was sitting alone on the desk.
She ente"Here, May I take rest?"
We both were looking monstrous in that braid and tangled swirl.
She initiated the talk.
We used to laugh on that, like a fool.
She called me from the last seat for cheating like buddies.
We were bench partners from the first day we met.
In between, for a little span, we separated and our eyes were wet.
I made fun of her but if any other do the same, I'm worse.
Whenever I was sad, she used to sing a song for me like a mad.
She was jealous of seeing me with someone else.
So, I do the same... 0hh! careless.
We lived, laugh, and love together in that school.
I still miss you and love you, Ohh fool.

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