How can you lie next to me when you lied to me?
And when you kiss her face do you think of mine in her place?
How can you look me in the eyes and tell me it will be okay
And that you can take the pain away
When you're the one who caused it.
The lies built up a fortress around you
And I was too oblivious to see.
Take the lies and pain take them far far away.
I can not look at you with that guilt on your face.
Strip me of my love and leave me to mourn.
You know you use to be my home, my shelter, you kept me warm.
You use to protect me
Now I need to be protected from our memories.
It's funny how you built up my world
And you also burnt it all down.
Maybe next time I'll learn not to trust
You'd think once would be enough.
But push me aside to dwell in your head
The lies that broke the most amazing thing you ever had.
For I know I will never trust anyone again.
Broken pieces spill out of my head
As I think about how you are perfectly fine sleeping in her bed.

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