Soft and slow, I just let it all go
Could be in a blink, subtle drift of lashes
Hard and turbulent, I scream and cry
Could be the wake of a hurricane
Regardless if it's soft or hard, it all ends in devastation.
Watching you watch her engulfs me in hatred
Fighting for calm and release, I just can't let it go.
A knife in my gut. poison eating my soul.
How do you forgive feelings of betrayal?
Do you want her, kiss her, hold her?
Do you wish it was her instead of me?
How do those thoughts get put to bed,
When all they do is dance through my head?
I strive to show the world a mask of happy,
When inside it's anything but.
I want to go back to a time when I was ignorant of these emotions.
Dementia, total amnesia.
I just want to lose myself in my box where it's all better.
Unfortunately my head's a prison, my heart is time,
My body a coffin, and you, my betrayer are death

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