Wrath shortening my breath, tendering my pulse
Her, walking across the class to kiss the friend I lost
Shame on him, to give up my trust for the one I love

Back to the good old days, I and her on the hills
Forgetting our meal, no hunger to feel
Spending time together being the only thing right

A best friend that I used to have, known all secrets that I had
Fell for the one I pleaded to God and She for him to clot my blood
Betraying my love that I spent everything in life to craft

Taking me for grant, my friend gave everything to the lost love
Forgetting the oath for our friendship to last
Believing, like I did, she will last till the world’s blast


To repeat the history of my sorrow and misery
She left my friend without feeling sorry
To live her life, with someone who can give a golden penny!

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Key Words : Betrayed trust, Love, Friend

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