Bettah think Again

This life is Our test to ready Us for a life that's pure,
any diseaes or ailments amendment and true in repentance will cure.
There's going to be slander and put downs some by one's We thought were friends,
But We must hold on to Our patience and kindness and let Jah's truth defend.
We should always try to avoid anger which usually ends in pain,
with Our souls We must answer it's more comforting the less the stains.
Many traps will be laid for Us in attempting to make Our lives difficult,
We must stay the course with Jah where Help and safety will Be the results.
when worldly pride is forsaken many thangs of this world become clear,
The spiritual eye is Now opening Now,We see there is only Jah to fear.
it's far too long We've been in the dark All beings need light to grow,
When Jah's light shines in the heart on the countenance it will surely show.
the truth can never be defeated and likewise will never give up,
When weary from wrongful attacks Jah replenishes with a sip from His cup.
though the battle had never ended once again it starts to get hot,
many times some thought truth was defeated will now ascertain it's truly not.
satan says the truth won't last he tries to root it out wherever it dwells,
But,this truth is from the beginning and time has and continues to tell.
The Lord's truth has no wrong in it not even satan can put some in,
To eveyone who thought for wrongs they'd never pay We seh You all had Bettah think Again! Amen

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