Better Days

What do you do when your mind is racing ?
Thinking of things that just seems so aggravating
Like why people not real like they claim to be ?
What happened to love, respect, and loyalty?
Nobody really cares about the next person feelings ,
See ! It was only good when they needed me
Now I'm left alone in feelings irrespectively
When will it stop all this neglecting me?
But let me stop me tears and push myself to the top
Where I need to be, But alot of these things are just
Overwhelming me
Do I try to change this or should I let it be ?
Unaware how my addiction got the best of me
Blaming and using every excuse why I keep using
When surely I know the drugs only got me abusing my
Mind, my body it makes me feel so filthy
Trying to cover all up like I do my blemish,
But it different now that why i keep repenting
Asking go to change my ways
And take the taste and urge away
That's why I keep praying so hard just for better days

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