Better Daze

Moody ass people,disturb my groove.
All ugly and distorted with everything to prove.
No,I don't care because it's all about you,the curves in your face won't let me get through.
To offer understanding or lend you my ear, I'll just keep my distance and remain over here.
Where it's peaceful and calm a day filled with potential,no venom spewed or nothing detrimental.
So keep your distance and stay away from me because no matter what,my day is free.
It's filled with hope,joy and all of their friends,to ensure my day is great till the end.
So stay in your mood,where there's no way out,and talk to yourself until you pass out.
From the loneliness and walls you created all around,built for nothing just to keep us all out.
So I'll pray today to ease my mind and hope your mood doesn't entertain my mind.

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