Better if I had known. . .

Better if I had known, you were to come,
Oh! Corona, you made me feel numb.
Shielding against you is a tough task
Unseen, you invade our bodies; now we cannot live without a mask.

Out of nowhere, people began racing with the fear of your contact,
Consider me one of them, running on the same track.
Then, a sudden thought crossed my brain:
Simply running away was just in vain.

I stood still, even when the roads were clear;
When from far away, the muffled cries struck my ears. Conditions worsening, making me realize your reach.
You began spreading with the misunderstanding that we are weak.

Sooner than I thought, you approached.
I wonder, you intend to leave me scorched;
You were an uninvited guest;
But all that I dealt with was the loss of smell and taste.
Well, I guess, my endurance, my nerve, made you feel awkward.
As a result, within weeks you departed like a coward.

We stay indoors with confined breathe;
Peeping through the windows, Freedom is all that we seek.
Deepening the indelible scar,
You are going way too far;
Acquainted with your erratic nature,
I worry about you staying too long - wrecking our future.

Better if I had known, you were to come
Oh! Corona, your weird existence is troublesome
Indeed, you made me feel numb . . .

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