Better Intentions

See I've Got Better Intentions Than The Rest
Seen Everything From Mothers to Brothers With Bullets in Their Chest
So I'm Rising from the Bottom, On My Way to The Top
Harassment and authority mixed together with a label called the cops
Intelligent officers busting rounds at the local mom and pop shop
No reason for the foreign exposure, just minorities taking the harassment
like a group of martyrs
My people grew up in a town full of the wicked and evil
Fiends and families stuck on a dirty needle
Snag to tight and couldn't escape their fate
I looked down at everyone else with hate
pain in my head rose from a few more fathers ending up dead
What do you think that says internally, when everyone who spends a
few bonding moments with me, ends up stiff layed out in a cemetery
So of course people tend to ask their stupid fucking questions
Why you never listen when the man starts preachin
Cause I've suffered through the worst of it
And I don't need no fucking preacher to tell me shit
God and I are on a different level
We tend to talk things over while I'm reading the bible
No my religion should change you opinion
I'm still the same kid, just think my saviors waiting for me in heaven
Next time you want to call me out and tell me that i'm just another fake
Take a look at my past and tell me if this is one brain you wanna shake
So poetic verses got me out of times when I feel like putting bodies in
Journal Writings of The Old Days When I Was a Criminal
Body Bags and the clip not empty but not all the way full
Cause rounds were used, to protect my life and my families too
Progress From The Mind Comes With Facing Your Demons
Realizing Each One Is a Negative Emotion
Let Them Think Their Winning only To Blind Side Em
Show That Angels are Worth More Than Miracles
and I No Long Have To Choose Between The Bible or a Blood Stained Rifle

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