Better Luck Next Time

No one tells you
How hard life can get.
No one tells you
That even at your best,
You can still fail.
You go in with confidence,
You come out wondering what went wrong.
Maybe after nine years of chorus
You will make it into the all-state choir.
Not a guarantee.
Three unexpected family funerals later and those judges have no idea,
No idea how bad you wanted it
Or how torn you were when they accepted everyone but you.
Your dream college?
They accept you!
But don't get too excited,
Their honors college denied you.
Even though you are in the top 10 of your class
And the other colleges gave you a full ride,
Your dream college was quick to destroy your hard work.
Maybe your 29 ACT score is just not high enough.
You see?
No one told you life could get hard.
One second you could have a dream,
And then comes the letter of denial
Saying, "Better luck next time."

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