Better Metaphor

"Skin as white as snow"
"Eyes as blue as the sea"
"Red flushed cheeks and rose colored lips"
Is that all you got?
Sorry to burst your bubble
but just because you put on this overplayed record
doesn't mean you're Prince Charming.
I am not picture perfect nor will I limit myself to 1000 words
I am a roller coaster
Fun, fast
and will probably give you a headache if you're with me too much
I am not the, "apple of your eye"
I am a piece of paper thrown in the wind
I don't belong yet I effortlessly float on air
Swans are jealous of this grace and cheetahs are jealous of this pace
When you hear my name
I don't want you to think about a deer in headlights,
or a damsel in distress.
I want you to think of a better metaphor.

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