Better Timing

I wish time had better timing for you and me,
For moments of joy, love, and harmony.
But alas, it seems time plays a wicked game,
Leaving us longing, yearning, in a perpetual aim.

Oh, how I wish the hours would slow their pace,
Allowing our love to blossom, leaving no trace.
But time, relentless, moves on without care,
Leaving us caught in a melancholy affair.

In the morning, we rush to start our day,
Neglecting the moments we could share, I say.
The clock ticks away, oh so impatiently,
Leaving us with fleeting glimpses of harmony.

At midday, when we could steal a moment's rest,
Time mocks us, urging us back to the zest.
In the whirlwind of duties and endless tasks,
Precious minutes slip away, an impossible ask.

As twilight falls, and the day bids adieu,
Our longing intensifies, our hearts anew.
If only the night could stretch its gentle hand,
Allowing our souls to meet, entwined, as planned.

Yet, time seems to revel in this cruel jest,
Keeping us apart, putting us to the test.
But despite its tricks and relentless rhyme,
Our love persists, transcending the sands of time.

So, let us hold on to hope, my dear,
For a day when time's grip will disappear.
When its hands align with our hearts' true beat,
And our love can bloom, in rhythm, complete.

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    Wish we had better timing.