Between the Solace and Silence

I was stuck in a space,between the Solace and silence.
Running behind solace,I ended up finding 'silence'!
Lies of Solace,tried feeding the silence,but each tym were denied by the stubborn 'hush'!
Showers of truths of silence,bestowed in equal pace with the walk of second's hand;
Moments started slipping,beats started skipping,and I was so compelled to find an"escape"!
Wondering again,'where should I search for solace?',
each time was thrown in the arena of stillness,
like a body with crippled legs!

A mind by now,was well aware of the fact tht,may be solace is the destiny of the path of "accepting truth"!
My fingers did tremble trying to outsmart truth,in each quietude,
and may be solace was the title of the story on 'facing truths'!
Well acquired now,tried again,
reality pinched harder,silence pricked lot,
and one more time,instead of solace,
I started finding an 'escape'!
Escape dragged me back,
And a soul was stuck,
between the Solace and silence!

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