Oh beautiful St. Lucia Island in the sun
I did not leave because I hated thee
You are dear to me like a cup of cool
But the pioneer spirit would not let me be
It's in my blood and pushes me onward
But I vouch someday to return my love
Today my soul mourns for thee seeing your
Dying ambers
The young and old have been taken, hostage
Rule by a government of weak hearts
There is a brewing cancer governed by a nest
Of scorpions and vipers of all kinds
For a few trinkets, they come by the shipload
To your shores
Recking havoc on a then our peaceful nation
Of God-fearing people who live by the rules
Now it is too late your birthright has been stolen
Sold to the highest bidder
By the very same people you love and protect
They open your door to strange people with
Strange custom intending to dominate
Placing a choke hold around your neck force
You into submission slavery
Some came bearing gifts making us a gluttony
People rotten fruits at that poisoning this
Generation for gain and security
Now they openly bear arms against us killing
Our people at random
Our loving citizen of the sun Island will soon be no more
The killing has become a way of life a vice adopted
By devels and passing it on to our youth
For a mere trinket
While our leaders twirl their fingers looking for another
Bribe another dollar of useless infidels
Our creole heritage is soon to become a thing
Of the past
Replace it with Twanise jumbo Mombo or Chinese
Chin Chung
Our land of peace our beautiful St. Lucia has
Become a vipers paradise
Fellow brothers and sisters beloved of St. Lucia
There is no time left for slumber
Open your eyes to the destruction around you
The degradation and dysfunction of warm people
I am not at present with you but urge you to
Harness your God-given birthright
And rise to a new beginning a new dawning
Arm your selves with integrity love and fellowship
Trod on the belly of the snakes and shout upon the
Rooftops a call to arms
Cleanse the land that gave you birth the land of
Hills and valleys Farest Isles of all the earth
I came back to see you live among you
But you plunder my resources and left me wanting
Nevertheless, I love you like my brethren' mind and body
The die is cast now is the time to root out evil in your
Community your villages your cities and yourselves
May the glory of Jehovah whom I served shine upon
You as you fight the good fight
The age of killing must stop now and only you can
Accomplish this if not prepare yourself for a mass
Burial of a once peace-loving creole people
I now leave you to summon up your courage

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Key Words : Greed, crime, shootings, killings

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This Poems Story

A degradation of a once peaceful people, living under the mid-day sun on a hot paradise Island, how greed destroys all morality and forces it into submission, with a crime spree as its heritage. wake up call to my people of St. Lucia, take back the land I love