“Beware of my wrath. Fear, where I May become present.
You see me all around you.
I will prick and prod until your soul accepts me again.
Please pray with me because
I am your Guardian Angel:
‘Please God give us the strength to kill this soul. He has given up so much but now fights my guidance. Show him what I shall take. Show him the light in which will be ripped from his soul’”.
“Ha-Ha,” that God damn laugh.

She comes in all forms.
My fingers glue themselves onto her greasy lockets.
I drag her to the holy water presented before me.
Not a sound made or spoken.
She hates to speak in tongues to her defeat.
Drown Bitch in the good I will do.
Suffocate in the words of God.
You shall now cry the tears my family has given to you.
Beware of her strength.
She is a child at heart,
But soldier to “The Fragile Mind”.

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation

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This Poems Story

My story of giving up on addiction.