Ever since I first saw you, I've been under your spell,
You're a stranger and your presence makes me pale.
I'm drawn to you and the question still remains why,
The power you have over me is brilliantly sly.

I freeze up trying to speak when you're around,
The words are there but I don't make a sound.
I don't know what it is about you, but it has me perplexed,
I'm in love with you and my heart has been hexed.

I have to know you, I can't stand the mystery,
With all of this curiosity, it's driving me crazy.
Day in and day out, my time consists of watching you,
Putting clues together as to why it is I love you.

I'm bewitched by the things you do or say,
In the distance, you still have your way.
I'm dying inside because I need to tell you how I feel,
Make you understand that what I feel for you is real.

This love I have for you has taken over me,
Made me a believer that with love, there's room for possibility.
A month has now turned into a year,
But the deep love in my heart hasn't disappeared.

The love was casted upon me to let me see,
That you and I are bounded magically.
The spell was to love with out measure.
Show me that love can bring pleasure.

December 20, 2014
~The One and Only~

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