Bewitching Hour

It’s thee bewitching hour
& if you break the silence
A magpie shall fly from your lips
& whisper all of your precious secrets to the universes beyond our raindrop realm

It’s thee bewitching hour
& if you kiss me
Dawn will break from your lips
& you’ll have to face me naked in her unforgiving light

It’s thee bewitching hour
& if you cry it’ll sound like laughter
to the goblins dancing on your eyelids
& they’ll toast mulberry mead as an ode to your joy

It’s thee bewitching hour
Strike a match & play in bloody shadows
Lick their wounds with the tenderness of a scaly predator after he’s killed his plumed prey

Eyes from afar wonder if thee lil’ downy bird is dead or sleeping?

It’s thee bewitching hour
Where sleep is an illusion created by thee sun
A jest he tells to foolish stars who shine through his rays

Don’t look into his eyes
He’ll hypnotize you blind

Sweet dreams into this realm of twig&twine where silhouettes of banyan trees turn into mossy monsters that bear velvet fruit

Overripe to the tip o’ your tongue
tastebuds curl up
as dewy fiddleheads

Dream Sweet til’ I awake
& fall into this glassy sea
That reflects this truth endlessly
We are mere Sirius clouds

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