Beyond the darkness of the night,the sky lies open
Beyond the darkness of the mind,flickers its vast pale light.

Beyond the greed and the murder
Beyond the church and the temple
Beyond the hijab and the turban
The blue sky lies open.

Beyond our smartphones and whatever they might say
Beyond running here to there
Beyond having a car and a house and a job
Or having none at all
the vast sky still lies open

Beyond words and letters
Beyond jealousy and anger
Beyond my past , present or future
Entwined with yours or rather,entangled
Beyond faking it or being myself
Beyond this life we lead
Beyond just you and me
Beyond all seeds of thoughts that grow into thorny trees
Beyond all that sadness which cripples me
Beyond waiting and expecting
Beyond expecting and not happening
Beyond not happening and suffering
Beyond all this suffering ,
the sky lies open.

Beyond tremors of guilt
And waves of incompetency
Canvassing me
Like violent brushstrokes painting the turbulent sea.
Beyond having no hope
And really hurting
Hurting in hunger
Hurting in disease
Hurting in despair
Hurting in hate
Beyond all the hurting and the loving
Lies the open
Open sky

Beyond fear and surveillance
Beyond being a man or a woman
Beyond a number
Beyond clothes
Beyond faces
Beyond the flesh and meat of it all
Beyond being right or wrong
Beyond cutting trees for building a bomb
Beyond saying “ram” and slaying our own
Beyond war and guns and salutations
Beyond all ideas of civilisations

There lies the true blue sky .

Beyond remembering
Beyond knowledge
Beyond quest
Beyond the urge and
Beyond the rest
Just look up
Therein lies the blue blue sky .

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