"Good morning my love; how are you feeling my dear". I giggle as you roll over; kissing me just below my ear. You smile at me, and caress my face. As you slowly remove my night gown of lace.
I moan with pleasure as you pull me in close. Feeling the sensual sensation in every inch of me; from my head to my toes. I wrap my arms around you, and welcome you in. Our bodies move in sync as we heatedly begin.
Moaning, and groaning as we dance around the bed. Gasping for air as our climaxes comes to head. Falling against the sweat stained sheets; trying to calm our hearts speedy beats.
I jest as I fall into your muscular embrace; still shaking with pleasure after what just took place. You wrap me up tightly, and give me a squeeze. Making me once again fall weak in the knees.
Who would have thought that after all of this time; our love could still remain so strong; so sublime. You are my heart; my soul, and we are best friends. And the connection we share truly transcends.
The passion we have; the bond that we share. No one else; nothing else in this world can compare. And if for any reason someone tried to break us; we would just abscond; for we have a love that lasts not only this lifetime, but lifetimes beyond.

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