Beyond Borders


I traveled to Saigon, Vietnam
before they called it Ho Chi Minh.
It was there (between the bombings)
I turned Inside Out & Back Again.
And there I met a 10-year-old;
she shared Papaya from her tree.
Then away I went to England,
to flee that brooding history.
And there I danced the night away,
at dear Bingley’s Netherfield ball.
I learned of Pride and Prejudice,
and how family love conquers all.
I rode through Aukland’s fields of green,
past rows of cozy hobbit holes.
O’er Weathertop, to Rivendell,
and through the Misty Mountains old.
I sought refuge on the Pequod’s deck
beyond Nantucket’s frigid waves.
It was there an epic whale prevailed,
and sent the sailors to their graves.
And though we cannot travel now,
and our homes may seem a cage.
Within books we travel freely -
and share our journey through each page.

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