Beyond Darkness

My soul is a blackhole
Containing empty matter
My mind is torn,lacerated and shattered
In calamity my conscience is lathered
Haunted by all 7 sins
Punctured and stabbed by my friends
Wallowing in a bloodbath
As my family laughs
Blinded by the light
Looking for the right path
Calculating life like advanced math
Sanity and reason I only have half
A victim of god's wrath
Walking the lines of a psychopath
To love I feel unable
Instead I treat it as Kane to Abel
I was doomed as an embryo
Cursed upon the cradle
As horror eats away at my thoughts like bagels
My words are fatal
As a child I watched homicides like cable
But didn't blink
Never knowing my humanity would become extinct
Wearing my guilt like a coat made of mink
As I sign my existence away
Using my own blood as the ink

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This Poems Story

My entire life has been purgatory and hell, I live a life believing in a religion I don't understand, I feel at the end of my life I will be alone and die the same way, I am socially disconnected