Beyond Reaches

My body is the genetic root to this planet and all things living.
Basic carbons, a gazillion cells and a future five-star gourmet
Feast for the flames of cleansing, with ashes scatter with an
Autumn breeze.
My soul has no roots, no alpha, no omega and isn’t defined by rules, nor the
tired aging hands of time.
My life force is boundless and without end, regardless of the many host
vessels I have claimed of all shapes, ages, sizes, genders, shades, status, titles
and deformities.
For I am as vast as the stars for which rooted beings peer upon wondering,
wishing, and asking, "What if?"
While others rooted to greed and hatred wish to own and defile.
For I follow the ways of the ancient and wise, poets, healers, gypsies, witches,
story tellers, artisans, inventors, sorcerers, wizards and spell casters.
My soul has marked many systems, stars, planets and universes not dreamed
of or imagined by those who are rooted to shallow and weakened Mother Earth.
The polluted foreboding night sky that hears our worldly wailing, holds our
legacy, history, lore and legendary tales with the brightest of stars to mark our
greatest deeds.
Gaze upon this vessel, fragile and demure.
Yet solid, strong and mighty as a rooted oak.
Approach daringly close till you are captivated within these misty eyes of calm
ocean green.
Journey further past the peaceful emerald horizons of this vessel, far past the landmarks
of time.
Sail away upon the ebbing tides of peace and harmony.
Awaiting you and for all to witness and claim, I am the Brightest Star for which all
to wish and restlessly dream away their nights upon.
From dusk to dawn, like lost children in strange beds, tossing and turning till the
Yellow Moon wakes you in a cold sweat to the desperate longing within your vessel.

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