Beyond the Breathe

Beyond the Breathe a vail between it lay in wait...
Just out of reach yet we still pursuit it that seems
lost. Unforgiving and desolate it passes thru unnoticed
Whispering thru the world without reservation or pause.

Beyond the breathe a cry for justice and peace, yet it
escapes us. We wait, they fail us, we cry out yet are
silenced with fear, undirected they turn their backs an
we tolerate the madness, discouraged, We move to the
sounds of a distance memory.

Death be not Proud as it takes the foundation of our
family. Beloved, We stand still for the unjust and
weep for our future. Never again can we allow this
breach to happen, The World has changed and throughout
is sadness and despair.

Heavenly Father, I pray for your forgiveness for the
world has disappointed you. Heavenly beyond the
breathe...We surrender... Covid-19.

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