Beyond the Law

What did you think when you spilled that lie.
Think I was gonna drop down; let my eyes start to cry.
Sit back and wonder; know about the pain.
This ink will be the only liquid that flows like rain.
Swung hard; landed on my chin.
Keep swinging y'all; I let you know when my leg's givin in.
Bet you're waiting for me to fall.
I'll stagger but not stumble; protected by God's law.
I feel it in your heart; ice crystals, solid cold...
Feel the darkness on the inside; your soul's done sold.
All you got is to keep playing this game.
It's all good; you're not the one to blame.
With darkness in your heart, never be the same.
Its hard to live a life, when the Devil knows your name.
So thankful I chose the path of our Lord.
Gave birth to an angel; got the chance to cut Society's cord.
Open your mouth; keep telling your story.
I'll continue on and live life for God's glory.
Dear lord, as I scratch this paper with pen.
Let the Devil keep on coming; I'll let you know when enough is when.
I thank you Lord for coming in contact with them.
Thank you for teaching me another lesson; in Jesus's name...

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